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Day & Night Kit

1 160 kr

Experience the powers of both Ectoin and Glycoin in this Day Cream and Night Cream kit. 

All Aivira Skincare products contain Ectoin, a natural molecule found in microorganisms living in deserts and salt lakes. Ectoin is a so called "Extremolyte" and protects the organisms and helps them survive in severe conditions such as extreme temperatures, dryness and high levels of salinity. On the skin Ectoin is a fantastic active, it is one of the best hydrating agents in the world. Ectoin binds water using a so called "Hydro-complex", which appart from providing an extremely powerful hydration also increases the cell activity, strengthens the skin barrier and provides a highly effective anti-irritant and repairing effect. Ectoin further helps balance the skin microbiome and works as a prebiotic, a true super ingredient for your skin.

The Day Cream further contains Glycoin providing the skin with an instant hydration and provides protection for the skin cells and Matmarine that balances the skins production of sebum leading to enlarged pores contracting. Matmarine further stimulates the skins own production of collagen. The skin gets a matt finish at the same time as it's thoroughly hydrated.  

The Night cream contains stem cells from pomegranate, one of the most powerful antioxidants, protecting the skin against free radicals and providing glow. To further strengthen the hydrating effects in the Night Cream it contains Hyanify, a substance that stimulates the skins own production of hyaluronic acid. 

Buy the kit with both products and save 10%

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