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Aivira Intensive Hydration

2 410 kr

Aivira Intensive Hydration is a line providing your skin with a deep and long term hydration.

All Aivira Skincare products contain Ectoin, a natural molecule found in microorganisms living in deserts and salt lakes. Ectoin is a so called "Extremolyte" and protects the organisms and helps them survive in severe conditions such as extreme temperatures, dryness and high levels of salinity. On the skin Ectoin is a fantastic active, it is one of the best hydrating agents in the world. By using the product during 14 days, the skin will stay hydrated for an additional 7 days after use. Ectoin binds water using a so called "Hydro-complex", which appart from providing an extremely powerful hydration also increases the cell activity, strengthens and reinforces the skin barrier. 

All products are dermatologically tested with an irritant score of 0.00 and are suitable for all skin types and conditions.

For more information on each of the products in this set vist the links below

Aivira Day Cream
Aivira Night Cream
Aivira Eye Cream
Aivira Intensive Hydration & Glow Serum

Buy all four Aivira Intensive Hydration products for a full experience, save 10% compared to the individual prices.

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