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Aivira Skincare uses carefully selected ingredients, as many of them are new and not commonly used we've highlited some of our key ingredients here.


What is Ectoin?

Ectoin is a 100% natural amino acid derivate, a stress protection molecule a so called "extremolyte".

What Does Ectoin Do?

Ectoin is multifunctional and has many positive effects on the skin. It is one of the best hydrating agents in the world and in the Aivira products we primarily use it for its extremely powerful hydrating ability. 

How Does Ectoin Work?

Ectoin creates a "hydro-complex", surrounding the cells membranes with a protective layer of water. This creates a long-term hydration as well as creating a protective barrier against external stress factors such as pollution, UVa and UVb. Unlike Hyaluronic Acid Ectoin is not broken down by enzymes and therefore hydrates the skin during a longer period of time. Studies have shown that it can hydrate up to 7 days after application. Further, Ectoin has a positive influence on the skin microbiome and works as a prebiotoic. Read more on Ection here


Ectoin is a naturally occurring stress protection molecule found in microorganisms who live in extremely severe conditions. The microorganisms survive in deserts and salt lakes despite extreme temperatures, high levels of salinity and dryness thanks to the effects of Ectoin.  

Aivira Skincare products with Ectoin:

Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream, Intensive Hydration & Glow Serum


What is Glycoin? 

Glycoin is a polysaccharide and just like Ectoin it is a so called "extremolyte". 

What Does Glycoin Do?

Glycoin is multifunctional and has many positive effects on the skin. In the Aivira Skincare products we use it mainly for its powerful hydrating and protective abilities. 

How Does Glycoin Work?

Glycoin has a positive effect on the osmotic pressure of the cells which reduces the loss of water between the cell membranes. Further it has a volumetric effect during dehydration which separates the cells lipid bilayers at low or even no levels of water which inhibits the denaturation and damage to the cells. 


Glycoin is the protection and resurrection substance in Myrothamnus Flabellifolia, a desert plant who can survive dryness for decades, seemingly dead but when exposed to rain resurrects into full bloom. Glycion is the only 100% pure and natural glyceryl glucoside

Aivira Skincare products with Glycoin:

Day Cream, Eye Cream

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What is it? 

Pomegranate stem cells.

What Does Pomegranate Do?

The super fruit Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant and in the Aivira Skincare products we harness that effect alongside its ability to give the skin glow and radiance. 

How Does Pomegranate Work?

The skin suffers daily from external stress factors, so called free radicals. Free Radicals come from a biochemical reaction on the skin and they are balanced by antioxidants. Sometimes the skins own production of antioxidants is not in balance and the skin is then damaged by the free radicals and stress factors. The extremely powerful antioxidant effect of the Pomegranate helps the skin protect itself from the stress factors. Further the pomegranate stem cells has a powerful brightening effect by smoothening the skin structure creating a better light reflection which makes the skin radiant and creates a glow. 


The pomegranate stem cells are harnessed at their peak efficiency, that is when the pomegranate is just turning from green to red. Further, the stem cell technology only needs one pomegranate fruit to get the stem cells, there is no need to grow pomegranate plants which reduces the use of landmass and irrigation thus being a more environmentally friendly way of production compared to standard plant extracts. 

Aivira Skincare products with Pomegranate:

Night Cream, Intensive Hydration & Glow Serum


What is Hyanify?

Hyanify is an exopolysaccharide. 

What Does Hyanify Do?

It is a powerful hydrating agent.

How Does Hyanify Work?

Hyanify stimulates the skins own production of hyaluronic acid (HA) which has a high water binding capability. This hydrates the skin and smoothens it. Studies have shown that Hyanify can increase the skins own production of HA with up to 66%. 


Hyanify is a biotechnologically derived active originating from a specific form of algae, Laminaria, living in the harsh conditions of the Aber Wrac’h estuary. The algae has specialized in these living conditions and from a bacteria strain found on the algae a highly effective exopolysaccharide (EPS) is obtained.

Aivira Skincare products with Hyanify:

Night Cream, Intensive Hydration & Glow Serum

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What is Matmarine?

It is an extracellular polymeric substance.

What Does Matmarine Do?

It has a mattifying effect whilst giving the skin elasticity and stretchiness. 

How Does Matmarine Work?

The skin produces sebum which is vital for a well functioning skin, however sometimes the skin produces too much sebum and the excess sebum leads to an oily skin that easily can get rashes and outbreaks. Matmarine balances the production of sebum and reduces the pores which leads to a matt skin surface. Matmarine also stimulates the skins own production of collagen 1, the most common type of collagen in the skin.


Matmarine is biotechnologically derived from the marine bacteria Pseudoalteromonas. 

Aivira Skincare products with Matmarine:

Day Cream


What is Diffuporine?

It is a hexapeptide consisting of natural amino acids. 

What Does Diffuporine Do?

It is a very powerful hydrating agent. 

How Does Diffuporine Work?

In the skin there is Aquaporine 3 (AQP3) that helps the transport of water from the basis of the epidermis to the outer most layer (the Stratum Corneum). A lack of AQP3 leads to skin dryness. Diffuporine increases the level of AQP3 in the skin and thereby increases the level of water that can be transported in the epidermis leading to a well hydrated skin. Further it increases the skins own production of collagen and helps strengthen the skin barrier. 


Diffuporine is synthesized in a combinatorial chemical process with a library of more than 50 million hexapeptides. 

Aivira Skincare products with Diffuporine:

Intensive Hydration & Glow Serum

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Quiona Seed

What is it?

Small natural peptides from Quinoa Seed

What Does Quinoa Seed Do?

It reduces eye bags and minimizes fine lines and fold on the eye lid.

How Does Quinoa Seed Work?

The peptides increases the skins own production of collagen which strengthens the sensitive and fragile area around the eye. Further it stimulates a process that degrades the lipid cells that would otherwise accumulate and create bags under the eye. The peptides also stimulates the production of new skin cells which reduces fine lines and folds on the eye lid. 


Quinoa is a known super grain that contains all 8 essential amino acids. The peptides are extracted using a process that ensures a consistent high performing result.  

Aivira Skincare products with Quinoa Seed:

Eye Cream