Keep your skin hydrated

Aivira Skincare is founded in Sweden and is based on the rudimental fact that hydration is key for a healthy looking skin. By keeping your skin hydrated the skin gets a natural look with glow and less signs of cell damages. 

The Aivira product development was born when the dry, cold and dark months in the Nordics made the skin dry. The rough conditions experienced during that time called for something effective, something new, something tailored for the skin needs.

With hydration as the mission we set out to find the absolute best performing hydration agents in the world, the result is a line providing an intensive hydration with a long-term effect. 

Our philosophy is easy, we rely on science and create products that work with high efficacy. We use no ingredients that doesn't serve a specific purpose and all of our ingredients are within the recommended and scientifically tested concentrations levels. 

The founders

Aivira Skincare is founded by Niklas Twetman and Nikki Amini. 

Niklas Twetman and Nikki Amini


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