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Travel Kit

229 kr

Aivira Intensive Hydration Travel Kit gives you the Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Cream and Intensive Hydration & Glow Serum in convenient travel sized packaging. 

All Aivira Skincare products contain Ectoin, a natural molecule found in microorganisms living in deserts and salt lakes. Ectoin is a so called "Extremolyte" and protects the organisms and helps them survive in severe conditions such as extreme temperatures, dryness and high levels of salinity. On the skin Ectoin is a fantastic active, it is one of the best hydrating agents in the world. By using the product during 14 days, the skin will stay hydrated for an additional 7 days after use. Ectoin binds water using a so called "Hydro-complex", which appart from providing an extremely powerful hydration also increases the cell activity, strengthens the skin barrier and provides a highly effective anti-irritant and repairing effect.   

All products are dermatologically tested and are suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Day Cream: 10 ml
Night Cream: 10 ml
Eye Cream: 5 ml
Intensive Hydration & Glow Serum: 5 ml

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