NO:MA Sthlm

We are proud to be partnering with the medical aesthetic clinic NO:MA Sthlm

NO:MA Sthlm, founded in 2020, is a clinic focussing on safety, quality and the personal meeting with the client. They offer a wide range of aesthetic injections and skin treatments, all meet the highest regulations and quality procedures. 

Bahare Norian and Sarah Madsen founders of NO:MA Sthlm

The clinic is founded by Bahare Norian and Sarah Madsen. They have over two decades of experience in the business prior to launching NO:MA Sthlm. Bahare is a licensed dentist, she is certified by the Swedish Easthetic Injection Council and is one of the leading educators in aesthetic injections where she trains physicians, nurses, dentists and others in injections techniques and products. 

Sarah is an authorized and CIDESCO certified skin therapist. Having been active over a decade she has a wide knowledge of advanced skincare and result oriented treatments. She has shared her knowledge and passion by educating and training other skin therapists and nurses in the field. 

"We have tested many skincare brands throughout the years but were really impressed by the powerful hydration provided by Aiviras' products. Aivira will definitely be a saviour for many of our clients!"
-Sarah & Bahare, founders of NO:MA Sthlm

NO:MA has decorated the clinic differently from many others and visitors get a sense of calm, luxury and professionalism from the moment they open the door. Sarah and Bahare meets the clients with a smile and we do recommend you stopping by their clinic at Norr Mälarstrand 24 in Stockholm when you have the chance to. 

NO:MA Sthlm clinic interior

NO:MA offers advanced treatments such as PRX treatment, micronneedling, Botox treatments, chemical peels to name a few as well as customized skin treatments and facials. Some of the treatments may require a consultation prior to having the treatment which is a good excuse to get to meet with Bahare and Sarah and to experience the NO:MA Sthlm clinic. 

With the highest level of quality from the moment you step into the door all the way to a finished treatment we are proud to have been chosen as a product partner to NO:MA Sthlm and you can find all of our products at the clinic. 

For more information on NO:MA and to book a consultation or treatment visit the NO:MA Sthlm website.

NO:MA Sthlm treatment room