Money Back Guarantee

The product range of Aivira Skincare offers a completely new approach to long lasting hydration and strengthening of the skin barrier for your skin to feel and look its best. 

Do the innovative new ingredients really work you might ask. And how can I be sure that my sensitive skin does not react to your products you might think. Of course they work and they will work for you! Have a look at the product reviews submitted by other customers to see what they say and if you still don't trust us you can try us!

We offer a Money Back Guarantee, try our products and if you don't like them return them and receive a refund, simple as that! 

So no need to think twice, shop our critically acclaimed, praised and beloved products here.

Face of model with hand on chin

The Money Back Guarantee is valid for all full size products, have a look at our return policy for applicable terms and conditions.