Aivira Skincare products are now available at the specialist clinic for dermatology and plastic surgery Inskinity Stockholm

Inskinity founder dr. Anne Wetter says

I've chosen to bring in Aivira Skincare to Inskinity as it is a line that is focussing on the most rudimental fact in achieving good skin quality; an intact skin barrier and to retain the skin hydration. The main ingredient Ection strengthens and protects our skin cells and in addition it has prebiotic characteristics that helps balance the skin microbiome. I recommend Aivira for those who are looking for hydrating skincare products in an easy to use routine. 

dr. Anne Wetter, founder Inskinity


Inskinity Stockholm is based in the Old Town in a tasteful and modern space with magnificent views. At the clinic there are licensed specialist physicians in dermatology, plastic surgery and authorized and CIDESCO certified skin therapists. The equipment at the clinic is state of the art and every treatment is tailored for the unique needs of the patient. 

Inskinity clinic reception

At Inskinity competence and quality alongside patient safety are core and as a patient you feel safe knowing that you will get the best possible care and treatment and there are always specialist physicians and very experienced skin therapists to take care of you and your needs. 

The clinic is founded by MD Anne Wetter in 2019 who has gathered the best physicians and skin therapists alongside the best and most modern equipment and products to offer a unique and state of the art treatment center. The staff is frequently hired as international experts and lecturers and they work together to offer a wide range of treatments that is tailored to your specific needs. 

Skin treatment at Inskinity

Inskinity offers aesthetic and medical skin treatments as well as medical skin care such as; IPL treatments, fractioned laser treatments, chemical peels, injections, microneedling, PRP, PRX T-33, thread lifts and much more. The tailored approach means that the physicians and skin therapists may recommend a mix of treatments to achieve the results you are looking for. Book a consultation with one of the Inskinity specialists here to find out what treatment is best for your skin. 

Skin analysis by MD Anne Wetter