Glycoin - All day hydration and much more

Glycoin is an incredible ingredient and we are proud to be the first Swedish skincare brand to include it in our products. 

Glycoin is a so called extremolyte, a stress protection molecule that is produced naturally by the African resurrection plant, Myrothamnus flabellifolia. The plant grows in deserts and survives for decades without rain, it looks withered and dead but as soon as it rains the plant regreens and blooms again, this is thanks to  Glycoin. And, what is more fascinating is that these remarkable properties can be transfered to the skin.

Myrothamnus flabellifolia, withered right and in bloom left

Myrothamnus flabellifolia, withered state during dry period (left) and in bloom after rain (right)

Glycoin is multifunctional, it provides all day hydration, it stimulates the cells, it increases the skin elasticity, it reduces sun burn and skin redness, it boosts tissue repair and cell renewal and it has volumetric properties. A true super-ingredient for the skin. 

It is the only 100% natural Glyceryl Glucoside and unlike other sugar derivatives Glycoin does not cause glycation. 

Give your skin the best it can get, you can find Glycoin in our Day Cream, Eye Cream and get both with a 10% discount by buying the Glycoin Combo

For even more information about Glycoin and our main ingredient Ectoin, have a look at this video where Anne Schrötter from the manufacturer describes the unique effects and benefits from Ectoin and Glycoin.