Ectoin - the key ingredient

Ectoin is in all Aivira Skincare products, it is a unique ingredient and as it is new we'll walk you through what it is and how it works. 

Ectoin is a 100% natural molecule, a so called extremolyte, and is produced in a sustainable fermentation process. Extremolytes are stress protection molecules that are normally found in extremophilic microorganisms that thrive in extreme living conditions. Ectoin is the stress protection molecule of a microorganism living in deserts and salt lakes and Ectoin makes sure that they can survive in extreme temperatures, high levels of salinity and severe dryness.

Ectoin molecule and water molecules

Ectoin works by binding water in a so called "hydro-complex" giving the molecule its extraordinary functions in skincare. The hydro-complex protects not only the cells but also valuable proteins and enzymes. 

Ectoin mode of action, without Ectoin, With Ectoin, release of stress mediators inter cellular, water molecule, protein, lipid bilayer, stress factor, stress mediator


The above image of the hydro-complex shows how the cell-membrane structure is stabilized and gets an increased fluidity which prevents the water loss from the cells. Further, the hydro complex protects the release of stress mediators into the skin which is the reason why Ectoin is an anti-irritant and prevents rashes and breakouts. Further, Ectoin is an effective repairing agent for the skin barrier, protects against pollution. 

The hydration effects of Ectoin are fantastic, studies show that by using the product for 14 days, your skin will stay hydrated for an additional 7 days after the usage period. 

The skin is home to beneficial microorganisms that work to protect the skin and keep pathogens away, an unbalanced or disrupted so called microbiome can cause negative skin reactions, both medical and cosmetic. Ectoin helps balance the skin microbiome and works as a prebiotic which, together with its functionalities described above could well make it the best ingredient in the world. 

Hope you enjoy the effects of Ectoin in the Aivira products that all contain a unique combination of carefully selected ingredients to further benefit your skin. Get all of products with 10% discount by buying the kit Aivira Intensive Hydration.

For more background and information on our main ingredient Ectoin, have a look at the below video where the microbiologist Anne Schrötter explains the unique effects of Ectoin.