Awards and nominations

The Aivira Intensive Hydration line receives yet another award as it is announced as "Innovation of the Year" in the Swedish Beauty Oscars!

Beauty Oscars Award and full Aivira Intensive Hydration serier in water

The Swedish Beauty Oscars are awarded to products that make an extra impact on the market, delivers on the product promise and provides a feeling of luxury and glamour. 

The full Aivira product line was awarded "Innovation of the Year" and Skönhetsredaktörerna who stands behind the award gives the following reason; 

"With innovative ingredients Aivira elevates skincare to a new level and challenges the competition with flying colors"

Aivira Intensive Hydration Night Cream is nominated in Swedish Beauty Awards and Aivira Intensive Hydration & Glow Serum is a finalist in Daisy Beauty Awards

The products have been developed to be the best solution for dry skin, providing deep and long lasting hydration. At the same time they strengthen the skin barrier making sure that your skin will keep hydrated, fresh and soft. In product development we specifically chose ingredients that provides a better effect than the standard ingredients in the market, one of those ingredients being Ectoin. The effects are remarkable, during the most dry time of the year our consumers experiences a well moisturized, hydrated skin with an intact skin barrier. The powers of the unique innovative ingredients in the Aivira Skincare products are recognized by dermatologists and skin therapists who recommend Aivira products.

The series is very kind and is a perfect routine for restoring your skin if you are suffering from symptoms from using peeling products, exfoliation or after a chemical peel treatment or similar types of conditions. 

If you are looking to combat dry skin, scaling skin, want to rebuild your skin barrier and get a glowy soft-feeling skin Aivira is for you!

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